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Department Handbook

Costume Design Guidelines


  1. To be present, prepared, and participate in all design/production meetings.
  2. Completion of all design work as according to the production schedule including but not limited to, research, costume plots, rough sketches, and watched renderings.
  3. To generate a construction plan including budgeting, schedule and deadlines in consultation with the costume shop supervisor and faculty advisor.


  1. Maintain an up to date work list to ensure the efficient operation of the shop.
  2. Duties will include the patterning and construction of all major pieces, oversee all construction and alterations, and be present at all fittings.
  3. Provide the wardrobe and hair/makeup crew with clear dressing lists and information which will ensure a smooth dress rehearsal process.


  1. Oversee and assist in shop clean up and arranging for dry cleaning and laundry.
  2. Participate in follow-up duties, including the post-mortem.
  3. Provide written documentation and evaluation of your design process, including all research and drawings.
  4. Complete the project self-assessment (see General Guidelines for All Senior Thesis Projects) and give to faculty advisor within one week of the closing of the production.
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