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Audition/Production Involvement Policies

Guiding Principles  

Every member of the Viterbo theatre department is respected as a valuable, unique, creative, and necessary part of our program's academic and production success.  As an academic and production program dedicated to the growth and development of the whole person, we believe in the power and ability of live theatre to reveal, explore, and express much of what it means to be human. 

Effective communication, creative problem-solving, teamwork, knowledge of self and community, and exploration of artistic expression are the keys to success in any collaborative theatre experience. These are values and ideals which are essential to what we do in this theatre training program. 

As Theatre and Music Theatre majors in Viterbo University's professional theatre training programs, you are first and foremost a STUDENT of the liberal and fine arts. It is required that all students in our program be in good academic standing in classes, both departmental and university-wide. Focused study skills, responsible behaviors, class attendance, committed participation, and exploration and discovery in classes as well as rehearsals is essential. As a result, students who do not maintain a satisfactory level of performance in academic areas will not be able to participate in departmental productions until the problem has been rectified. 

Specific Production Participation/Audition Policies 

  1. All Viterbo students and community members are eligible to audition or contribute technically to theatre department productions. On special occasions, professional visiting theatre artists will be asked to join our students in the production process. We are dedicated to providing our theatre students with the most complete and challenging production experience possible, in a fair and equitable manner.
  2. All Theatre and Music Theatre majors are encouraged to audition or contribute technically to each theatre department production. All students receiving TALENT SCHOLARSHIPS in theatre MUST work on each show. Performance/Acting/Directing scholarship students are required to audition for each show, while Design/Technical scholarship students must make themselves available for various production assignments. If a scholarship student has a special need which prohibits him/her from such a responsibility for a particular show, a meeting to discuss the situation must be arranged with departmental faculty.
  3. Students MUST be in good academic standing in order to participate in departmental productions.  At times, academic/production contracts will be made between the student and faculty to assist the student in meeting goals and expectations.
  4. Viterbo Theatre and Music Theatre majors must meet with departmental faculty prior to auditioning/contributing technically to shows outside the theatre department. As a professional theatre training program dedicated to providing the best possible educational and production experience for all of our students, we must have each person's dedication and commitment to our own programming in order to succeed.
  5. It is the faculty's goal to help each student discover, grow, and excel in their educational and artistic development.

Potential Factors Leading to Removal from Production/Performance Activities 

In special circumstances when student progress or personal circumstances warrant, the theatre faculty may meet individually with the student in question to determine eligibility for continued involvement in the production or performance aspects of the program. Students, after conferring with faculty, may be removed from production or performance activities if: 

  1. they are found under the influence of drugs or alcohol during an organized theatrical rehearsal, construction period, or performance.
  2. they are placed on academic probation and it is determined that their present and/or future academic progress is compromised or jeopardized by production activity.
  3. personal, emotional, and physical circumstances indicate (upon consultation with counseling support staff) that it is in the best interest of the student to remove them from specific production activities.
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