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Department Handbook

Facts to Know
Theatre & Music Theatre Faculty & Staff / Advisors
The Fine Arts Center - Facilities
Viterbo University Travel Policy  (pdf)
        Off-campus Activity Waiver and Release of Liability Form (doc)
        Medical Information for Off-campus Activities form (doc)

Fine Arts Center Facility Policy

All practice, studio, rehearsal, performance, and other spaces within the Fine Arts Center are for educational university purposes and may not be used by students engaging in personal, profit-seeking ventures. 

Mission Statement of Theatre & Music Theatre Department
Standards for Theatre/Music Theatre Majors
Graduate Skills Inventory 

Student Assessment/Scholarships/Awards
Annual Theatre/Music Theatre Major Self-Evaluation and Reflection (due April 1)
Criteria for Receiving and Maintaining a Theatre Arts Talent Scholarship
Student Scholarship and Service Assessment – due February 15 (pdf)
Criteria for Service, Leadership, and Scholar Awards 

Production Information
Theatre & Music Theatre Department Production Philosophy
Audition/Production Involvement Policies
Student Reference for Off-Campus Theatre Involvement (pdf)
Production Duties
Production Assignment Application (pdf) 
Audition Application (pdf) 
Schedule Outline
Production Evaluation & Assessment (pdf)

THTR 490 Senior Thesis
General Guidelines for All Senior Thesis Projects
Academic Thesis
Acting Project / Music Theatre Performance
Directing Project

Design and Technical Projects

B.A. in Theatre Arts

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