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Praxis Information

FAQ's About The Praxis I (PPST) and Praxis II Exams

What is the Praxis I (PPST)?

The Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST) is an assessment designed to be taken early in your college career to measure your reading, writing, and mathematical skills. It should be noted that PPST is required for admission to the Viterbo University Teacher Education Program and the Teacher Licensure—Post Baccalaureate Program.  Study materials are available in the Academic Resource Center on the third floor of Murphy Center. In addition, an Educational Testing Services product, PLATO, is available through the Academic Resource Center. PLATO is a web-based tool which provides a practice exam and tutorial customized to the exam.

How is the PPST assessment delivered?

Students can elect to take a paper-based test or a computer-based test at any testing center.  UW-La Crosse is the testing center for our region. 

How much time does it take?

  • The paper-based tests in Reading and Mathematics are one-hour multiple-choice tests. The Writing test includes both a 30-minute multiple choice and a 30-minute essay section.
  • The computer-based tests in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing contain computer-delivered questions that require selecting single responses or highlighting information. The Writing test includes an essay section. Each testing session is two hours to allow sufficient time for tutorials on computer use, the test itself, and the collection of background information for score reporting.

What are the Session Test Codes required for Wisconsin teacher education students?

  • Paper-based tests: 0710 PPST Reading; 0720 PPST Writing; 0730 PPST Mathematics (calculators prohibited)
  • Computer-based tests: 5710 Computerized PPST Reading; 5720 Computerized PPST Writing; 5730 Computerized PPST Mathematics (calculators prohibited)

What is the Attending Institution/Recipient Code for Viterbo University?

RA1878 - Viterbo University. You must remember to use this code so your scores will be sent to us to avoid having to pay an extra fee.  Students will be able to download their score reports directly from ETS; Viterbo University will be sent an official score report from ETS.

What scores are required to pass the PPST?

Reading - 175; Writing - 174; Math - 173

*Students are only allowed to attempt each test a total of three times.  If a student does not pass on their first attempt they are required to seek help at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) where assistance will be provided and the time logged for writing and reading help.  For math help, students need to complete a PLATO account before attempted the test again.  If a student does not pass after three attempts, but followed the ARC guidelines, students may apply for a waiver.   Waivers are considered on a case-by-case basis with the Teacher Education Committee. 

What is the Praxis II exam?

The Praxis II test is the content exam required since September 1, 2004 by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Tutorial booklets for each subject area are available in the Academic Resource Center. Students are advised to use these booklets prior to taking Praxis II. 

Which Praxis II test do I need to take and what is a passing score?

ETS is in the process of converting tests to computer.  Computer based tests are numbered 5xxx and paper based tests are numbered 0xxx.  When an option of a paper or computer based exam exists the student is allowed to choose.

Art:  0134 Passing score is: 158
Elementary Education - Content Knowledge: 0014 or 5014Passing score is: 147
Middle School - Content Knowledge: 0146 or 5146 Passing score is: 146
English: 0041 or 5041Passing score is: 160
Science (Bio, BFS, and Chem.): 0435Passing score is: 154
Broad Field Social Studies: 0081 or 5081Passing score is: 153
Business: 0101Passing score is: 154
Math: 0061 or 5061Passing score is: 135
Music: 0113Passing score is: 150
Spanish: 0195*  Passing level is: Intermediate High
Technology Education: 0051 Passing score is: 159
Theatre: 0640
Theatre:  0641 as of Sept 1, 2012
Passing score is: 600
Passing score is: 157


*Spanish Exam Information:  The State Superintendent adopted the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) ® or ACTFL Oral >Proficiency Interview-computer (OPIc) ® to Advanced and ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) as the content exams for world languages. A passing score was set at ACTFL proficiency level Intermediate High.   Candidates can register for the exams at:

  1. www.languagetesting.com
  2. click on “Apply for an Academic Test”
  3. click on Wisconsin applicants.

Former Business exam was test 0100 with a passing score of 580.  The former Spanish exam was test 0191 with a passing score of 158.  The former Technology Education exam was test 0050 with a passing score of 590.  Former Art exam was test 0133 with a passing score of 155.

The test code is the four digit number listed after the content area.

How should I prepare for the test?

Your review of the appropriate Tests at a Glance is an important step in your exam preparation. Review and download Tests at a Glance information, including sample questions, from the Praxis Series at ETS.  You can also make an appointment at the Viterbo University Academic Resource Center (Murphy Center third floor) for assistance with a tutor. Many students have used the on-line tutorials called PLATO to study for the PPST and have found them to be very helpful. To obtain a PLATO access code please visit the ARC or call 608-796-3190. The ARC also has study guides for check out to assist with both the PPST and Praxis II >exams.

A good link for additional practice tests (Praxis I & II)  is www.badgerlink.net.  In addition, many websites provide sample questions to try to get you to purchase their test booklets. These sites can also be helpful: http://www.testprepreview.com/praxis_practice.htm

How do I schedule a test time for the PPST?

Call one of the testing centers in Wisconsin: 

  • Eau Claire 715-836-5070
  • Fox Point 414-540-2223
  • La Crosse 608-785-8073 or 608-785-8968
  • Madison 608-231-6270
  • New Berlin 262-796-0836
  • Oshkosh 920-424-1433
  • Stevens Point 715-346-4472

How do I schedule a test time for the Praxis II or the Spanish ACTFL exam?

Students will need to contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at www.ets.org as they are the sole provider of our Praxis II exams.  The Spanish exam that is required is offered by ACTFL.  Praxis II tests are typically given five times a year so you will need to check the site for scheduled exam dates and register at least six weeks before the exam to avoid a late fee. Viterbo requires both exams to be passed before starting the Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Program. To register for a test go to: http://www.ets.org/praxis/register/paper/  

To register for the Spanish exam go to: www.languagetesting.com to download application materials and proctor agreement forms.

Is there a fee waiver available for the exams?

Yes. ETS does offer the possibility of a fee waiver for the exams. For information, download the current ETS Praxis Bulletin:http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/PRAXIS/pdf/01361.pdf. For Praxis II, students will need to fill out a paper test registration form and a fee waiver request form and then have the Viterbo University Financial Aid Office complete one section. 

Tips for test day

Be sure to arrive early as once the test begins you will be locked out from entering the testing room. Do not bring in your cell phone as they are not allowed at the test site. If you are given scratch paper you must return each page completely intact.  The tests are designed to be very difficult and you are grade on how far you made it correctly into the test.  For this reason, it is common for students to leave the test site worried they did not pass, but in actuality most students pass their first attempt.  If you receive a letter "E" next to your scores you will receive a Letter of Excellence meaning you scored in the top tier in the nation. If you earn an "E" make sure you put it on your resume. Viterbo University has had many students earn this prestigious award.  Good luck to you! 

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