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Course Descriptions

Refer to the Searchable Course Catalog for course descriptions of Education course titles below.

EDUC 150

EDUC 215

EDUC 226

EDUC 237

EDUC 255

EDUC 271

EDUC 280

EDUC 286

EDUC 288

EDUC 306

EDUC 311

EDUC 312

EDUC 316

EDUC 319

EDUC 323

EDUC 327

EDUC 328

EDUC 330

EDUC 332

EDUC 335

EDUC 336

EDUC 337

EDUC 338

EDUC 343

EDUC 390

EDUC 400

EDUC 401

EDUC 402

EDUC 405

EDUC 413

EDUC 425

EDUC 441

EDUC 442

EDUC 459

EDUC 463

EDUC 482

EDUC 486

EDUC 487

EDUC 488
Introduction to Education

Educational Psychology and Human Development

Health and Physical Activity in the 1-9 Classroom

Creative Arts for Young Children

Professional Issues

Curriculum and Assessment - Birth to Age Six

Child and Adolescent Literature

Special Topics

Independent Study

Inclusion of Students with Special Needs

Curriculum and Methods for Social Studies, 1-9

Keyboarding Teaching Methods

Technology- enhanced Instruction, Pre-K-12

Teaching Literacy in Elementary/Middle Schools, 1-9

Curriculum and Methods for Science 1-9

Methods: Teaching Science, 6-12

Methods: Teaching Mathematics, 6-12

Middle/Secondary Methods Content Literacy, 6-12

Methods: Teaching English, 6-12

Methods: Teaching Foreign Language, Pre-K-12

Methods: Teaching Business Education, Pre-K-12

Methods: Teaching Technology Education, 6-12

Methods: Teaching Social Studies, 6-12

Family Community Partnerships and Leadership

Middle Level Theory and Practice

Inclusive Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education Capstone

Principles of Career and Technical Education

Interdisciplinary Teaching through Language Arts, 1-9

Assessment and Correction of Literacy Problems, 1-9

Technologies, Pedagogical Skills, Standards, and Assessment

Student Teaching: Elementary Education, K-6

Student Teaching: Elementary/Middle, 1-9

Student Teaching: Middle Level/Secondary, 6-12

Student Teaching: Pre-K-12

Student Teaching Seminar, Pre-K-12

Special Topics

Experiential Learning: Internships

Independent Study

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