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WI Director of Special Education and Pupil Services 80

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Program Instructors

EDUL 634  Leadership Assessment:  Alan Harris, Charles Forster, Bernie Ferry

EDUL 635  Principalship I:  Bernie Ferry, Alan Harris, Charles Forster

EDUL 636  Principalship II:  Barry Kamrath, Chuck Forster, Lance Bagstad, Roger Fish, Tom Barth, Mary Randall, Doug Rykal

EDUL 640  Curriculum Development & Instructional Improvement:  Stacy Everson, Sandy Richert, Cheryl Simonson, Wendy Savaske, George Mavroulis

EDUL 637  Political and School-Community Relations:  John Burnett, George Mavroulis, Gregg Butler, Pat Saunders

EDUL 638  Legal Aspects of Education:  Cindy Zahrte, Lance Bagstad, David Strudthoff, Lois Meinking

EDUL 639  Human Resources: Brad Saron, Annette Mikula, Bruce Russell

EDUL 654  Diverse Learner: Rick Johnson

EDUL 651  Special Ed Law & Resources: Pam Foegen

EDUL 655  Pupil Services & Non-Discrimination: David Perrodin

EDUL 769  Practicum in Special Education and Pupil Services. - Rick Johnson

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