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License Information

Graduates of this program will earn an add-on license in Cross-categorical Special Education (#801), with an emphasis in working with students who have:

  • Cognitive Disabilities (#810),
  • Specific Learning Disabilities (#811), or
  • Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (#830)

    In addition, graduates will be licensed to teach students within specific age ranges.  
         Middle Childhood-Early Adolescent (MC-EA) ages 6-12/13 or 
         Early Adolescent-Adolescent (EA-A) ages 10-21

    Department of Public Instruction Requirements: all individuals applying for a Cross-categorical Special Education license must meet each of the following criteria
  • a state issued teaching license
  • a passing score on the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test must be achieved by all educators
  • Applicants must apply for all educator licenses online at the Department of Public Instruction ELO website.

    Current graduate tuition
    $325 per credit beginning Fall 2014

    Apply and Register for Courses:
    Click on the Apply Now tab on the left of this page to apply to the Reading Teacher 316 program.

    Register for classes by calling (608) 796-3395.  Leave a message stating name, contact information, and title/location of desired Fall courses. 

For additional information, please contact: