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WI Cross-categorical Special Education 801

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License Information

Educators completing this program will earn an add-on license in Cross-Categorical Special Education (#801), with an emphasis in working with students who have:

  • Cognitive Disabilities (#810) 
  • Specific Learning Disabilities (#811), or
  • Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (#830)

In addition, educators will be licensed to teach within specified developmental ranges:

  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescent (MC-EA) ages 6-12/13 or
  • Early Adolescent-Adolescent (EA-A) ages 10-21

Department of Public Instruction Requirements: prior to applying for licensure, educators must meet each of the following criteria

  • Possession of a current and valid state issued teaching license
  • A passing score on the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test
  • A passing score on the Praxis II Middle School Content Examination
  • Completion of all required coursework
  • A passing score on the ePortfolio program assessment

    Current graduate tuition: 
    $325 per credit for the 2014-2015 academic year.

    Apply to the Cross-Categorical Special Education Program: click on the "Apply Now" tab on the left of this page. All students who intend to register for courses must complete the application prior to registering for courses.

    Register for Courses:  Current students must use VitNet to register for both spring courses. Students receiving financial aid must register for courses by the December 1, 2014 deadline. Late registrants contact Jeannette Armstrong or Chris Valenti for assistance. 

    New students intending to complete courses in the spring must complete one Course Registration Form for each of the spring courses and return to Jeannette Armstrong at the email address below. Students applying for financial aid must register for courses by the December 1, 2014 deadline.  Late registrants contact Jeannette Armstrong or Chris Valenti for assistance.

    Course Registration Form:  click here to download the Course Registration Form.
    Course Schedule 2014-2015:  click here to download the Course Schedule (pdf)

For additional information, please contact:


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