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WI Cross-categorical Special Education 801

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Wisconsin Cross-Categorical Special Education #801

Viterbo University's School of Education prepares educators who are grounded in Franciscan values and possess the knowledge and skills to be reflective decision makers for the 21st century. 



Apply to the program by July 1, 2014  August 1, 2014 to begin classes in the Fall.
Fall course registration will begin after you have applied to the program.

The Viterbo University Cross-Categorical Special Education License consists of 19 total credits with an emphasis in specific learning disabilities (SLD #811), cognitive disabilities (CD #810), or Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD #830). The program prepares teachers to strengthen their instructional practices, increase achievement for all students, and become educational leaders of the future.

All students who complete the special education Cross-Categorical teaching license at Viterbo University will obtain the following outcomes: 

  1. Develop pedagogical skills and instructional expertise in their area of focus (LD, CD, EBD).
  2. Develop communication, collaboration and intervention skills to accomplish their work
  3. Develop professional dispositions of inquiry, collaboration, problem-solving, advocacy and continuous improvement
  4. Develop, implement, and interpret accountability and outcome-based systems using assessment data
  5. Connect theory, practice, and research to inform educational decisions and foster inclusive learning environments that support diverse learners  

Viterbo University's online program can bring classes to teachers where they live and work, with flexible scheduling that meets the demands of their active lives. Financial aid will be available beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Apply to the program to earn your Cross-Categorical (Cross-Cat) Special Education license, or take individual courses to meet your professional development needs.

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Current graduate tuition
$325 per credit beginning Fall 2014

Apply and Register for Courses:
Click on the Apply Now tab on the left of this page to apply to the Reading Teacher 316 program.

Register for classes by calling (608) 796-3395.  Leave a message stating name, contact information, and title/location of desired Fall courses. 

For additional information, please contact: