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Graduate Education

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Program Requirements


1.  The Master of Arts in Education is awarded to degree candidates who successfully complete 30 credits of graduate course work, which includes 15 credits in Core courses and 15 credits in elective coursework.

2.  The graduate candidate also will have successfully completed the written Comprehensive Examination.

3.  Course work for the degree will be taken so that minimums as defined below are met:

Core Area – 15 credits – The core area consists of five required courses. These are:

  • EDUC 600Philosophical Perspectives 3 cr
  • EDUC 601Educational Research I 3 cr
  • EDUC 602Educational Research II 3 cr
  • EDUC 603Missionof Teaching or EDUC 623 (formerly EDUC 715) Teacher as a Person and Professional 3 cr
  • EDUC 604Proseminar 3 cr

Elective Courses in Skills and Knowledge for Teaching and Learning – 15 credits

  • Courses are designed to introduce teachers to current methodologies and research in teaching or dealing with classroom problems, or to provide the development of skills in new technologies, new methods for improving Teacher-student relationships or other pertinent opics that meet current staff and personal development needs.  Students are expected to design a balance program plan that will be approved by the Director of Graduate Programs in Education.

Time Limit:
All requirements for the master's degree must be completed within seven years from the date of application to the graduate program.

Transfer Credits:
A student may request to transfer up to nine (9) semester credit hours which will be applied to a graduate degree program. Transfer credits must be graduate credits taken from an accredited institution of higher education, completed within seven years of application, taken after completion of an undergraduate degree program, and be assigned a grade of B or higher. Ordinarily only credits from other institutions taken prior to admission to the graduate program will be applied to the Master's degree.

Students who wish to transfer credits to the Viterbo Master of Arts in Education program must  have the appropriate official graduate transcripts sent to the Director of Graduate Programs in Education. Upon completing the review of he education related courses, the student will be sent a data sheet outlining which, if any, courses will be allowed to transfer in to the Viterbo Master of Arts in Education Program. Final decisions, on course transfer requests, are made at the discretion of the Director of Graduate Programs in Education.

4.  Comprehensive Examination:
Each candidate for the Master of Arts Degree in Education must complete a written comprehensive examinationComprehensive Exam Info..  The written comprehensive examination is taken after the student has completed EDUC 600, EDUC 601 and EDUC 603 or EDUC 623 formerly EDUC 715). This is usually done during the year prior to enrollment in EDUC 604 Proseminar.

The written comprehensive examination provides the candidate with an opportunity to process and articulate the experiences and knowledge gained during the course of study. Please note the following policy: Registration for EDUC 604 Automatically triggers a bill for the $65 graduation fee--whether or not a student participates in commencement and without deferral of payment.


For more information contact Rhonda M. Rabbitt, Graduate Programs in
Education Director at 608-796-3384 or