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Talented and Gifted Endorsement #107

·       Online 

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Face to Face Class Hours (unless otherwise noted):

·         Friday 5 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

·         Weekdays during summer 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Iowa Talented and Gifted Online Course Offerings:

Location:  Online 

EDUC 541:  Psychology of the Gifted

Dates:  June 10-July 29 (not offered again until Summer 2014)

Instructor:  Linda Moehring          


 West Des Moines Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement Course Offerings: 

Location:  Viterbo Iowa Center, 4949 Westown Pkwy., Suite 195, WDM

EDUC 543:  Identification & Programming for the Gifted (This is a blended class)

Dates:  Aug. 16-17 & Sept. 21 (meet face-to-face)

Instructor:  Linda Moehring

Location:  Viterbo Iowa Center, 4949 Westown Pkwy., Suite 195, WDM

EDUC 544:  Administration and Supervision of Gifted Program

Dates:  Offered Spring 2014             

Instructor:  Mary Schmidt


Course Descriptions for Talented and Gifted Endorsement #107: 

EDUC 541:  Psychology of the Gifted

Psychology of the Gifted will provide an opportunity to examine the issues that educators need to know about the social and emotional development and needs of gifted children. Giftedness is much more than the ability to excel with grades and tests. Participants will examine varying definitions of giftedness and personal beliefs that support and advocate for gifted children or become barriers to them. This class will examine how gifted students perceive themselves, and how pressures, anxiety, or outside influences impact the fulfillment of their potential. We will study what giftedness means and consider classroom strategies for the gifted. - 3 credits

EDUC 543:  Identification and Programming for the Gifted

Identification and Programming for the Gifted will provide opportunities to examine the complex issues around identification of gifted students, including twice-exceptionality and English language learners. Participants will study the areas of giftedness as identified in Iowa code: General intellectual ability, creative thinking, leadership ability, visual and performing arts ability and specific ability aptitude. Participants will examine, discuss, determine, and evaluate programming models and options that best meet the needs of each of these populations of students. - 3 credits

EDUC 540:  Educational Strategies for the Gifted

Educational Strategies for the Gifted will provide the opportunity to examine current trends in educational programming for the gifted and talented. Participants will examine curriculum design and development and compare effectiveness of various programming options:  gifted and general education school improvement models, differentiation, collaboration, inclusion, cluster grouping, pullout and pull-in models. Classroom strategies to support qualitatively differentiated instruction will be examined, developed, and applied to current practices. - 3 credits

EDUC 544:  Administration and Supervision of Gifted Programs

Administration and Supervision of Gifted Programs will provide opportunities to audit, examine, develop, and/or improve their written comprehensive gifted and talented program plan and programming. Participants will study their current plans, consider best practices in gifted education, analyze data, and more. - 2 credits

EDUC 545:  Gifted Education Internship

Gifted Education Internship is the culmination of coursework to qualify for the TAG endorsement.  This internship focuses on application of best practices related to the field of gifted education. Participants will take part in 20 hours of learning and leadership experiences in multiple educational settings, supervised cooperatively by the university internship supervisor and/or an approved mentor in the field of gifted education. A minimum of 5 of the required 20 hours must be outside of participant's current grade level endorsement area. Participants will showcase their knowledge and skills acquired through their previous three required courses and the on-site clinical experiences in the internship. Internship opportunities include any administration, supervision or teaching opportunities that are components for either Iowa Code for gifted and talented programming or Gifted Education Standards from the National Association of Gifted Children.  Candidates will reflect upon a minimum of 10 varied experiences. Upon completion of the internship, candidates will have completed documentation showing understanding and application of each of the NAGC Gifted Education Standards and share their compilation of learning through a 20 minute presentation similar to Viterbo University's Capstone presentations.

- 1 credit (Prerequisite:  Admission to the endorsement)

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