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IA Reading Specialist 176

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Required Courses - Course Descriptions

EDUC 590:  Supervision and Staff Development

This course examines the effective strategies of supervision and staff development that relate to reading programs in schools. – 3 credits

EDUC 639:  Directing and Supervising K-12 Reading Programs

This course builds upon general leadership addressed in EDUC 590 and emphasizes specific leadership skills for K-12 literacy programs. The course addresses roles of a reading specialist, leadership in professional development and program development, development of communications skills, and conflict resolution.

 – 3 credits (Prerequisite:  590)

EDUC 596:  Practicum

Students will intern in a K-12 reading program, working with a certified reading specialist.  Students will gain experience in a broad range of activities required of a reading specialist, to include staff development, supervision and communications. A completed fieldwork portfolio must be submitted and scored before licensure is given. The portfolio must be scored “basic” or “proficient” in each section. Your instructor will give you full details concerning this requirement. – 3 credits (Prerequisite: Admission to the program and completion of EDUC 590 and EDUC 639).

EDUC 597:  Reading Research

Seminar will review and develop skills in research methodologies, techniques, data interpretation, and evaluation of reading research as well as its classroom applications.

(This course is required if the candidate has not completed research on a reading/literacy topic within a Master’s degree program.) – 3 credits


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