IA PK-12 Principal-Supervisor of Special Education 189

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Viterbo University Educational Leadership Electronic Portfolios 

1.  After completion of the requirements (coursework and internships) for Principal Licensure, candidates will present an electronic portfolio, using a platform of their choice.

2. Portfolios will be presented between March and June of the completion year.

3. Candidates will present their portfolio to two or three individuals who are educational leadership faculty, advisory board members, internship supervisors, or a combination of the above.  

4.  Portfolios must be reviewed by at least ONE PEER for input and feedback prior to the presentation and submission of the portfolio.

5. An e-portfolio presentation rubric will be used by the team. Since there is no separate course or credit attached to this portfolio, it will be included as a component of the candidate’s final semester of internship. Also See portfolio rubric and further details in "Resources".

Educational Leadership Portfolio Presentation Expectations and Guidelines

Educational Leadership Portfolio Presentation Rubric 

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Norene Bunt, Iowa Educational Leadership Faculty/Program Specialist at nabunt@viterbo.edu or 515-309-9123

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