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Core Curriculum

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Ways of Thinking-Theological Inquiry
(3 credits)


Theological inquiry is the study of theological texts, associated narratives, varied textual interpretations, and the resulting theological doctrines.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of faith perspectives learned through history, practices, and sacred, foundational texts.
  2. Connect these sacred and foundational texts to doctrinal practices.

Alignment with LIVE learning outcomes

Communication: 2  
Critical Thinking:  2 
Information Literacy:  1 
Ethical Reasoning/Moral Development: 1

Theological Inquiry course guidelines

1. Every Theological Inquiry course will require the students to take a pre-test [part of Week One] and a post-test, embedded in the Course Final exam 
2. Each course will require the reading and analysis of no less than 2 books, not including the Bible 

1. All unit tests will include essay questions
2. All 300/400 level courses will require a 8-12 pg. research paper 

Oral Presentations
1. Every Theological Inquiry course will include small group discussion and every student will have the opportunity to lead their group
2. All 300/400 level courses will require a major (10-15 minute) presentation  

Current catalog list of LIVE courses
Theological Inquiry syllabus template(doc)
Theological Inquiry rubric(doc)

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