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Core Curriculum

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Ways of Thinking-Philosophical and Moral Inquiry
(3 credits)


Courses that meet the Philosophical and Moral Inquiry requirement at Viterbo are designed to introduce and cultivate students’ ability to engage in critical questioning about themselves and the world around them.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Identify, evaluate and construct good philosophical arguments using a variety of different methods and strategies.
  2. Evaluate moral beliefs/claims comprehensively and discuss them effectively.
  3. Analyze complex philosophical problems and understand their relevancy.

Alignment with LIVE learning outcomes

Critical Thinking: 1
Communication: 1, 2
Ethical Reasoning and Moral Development: 2, 3
Integrative Learning: 3 

Current catalog list of LIVE courses
Philosophical and Moral Inquiry Outcomes with course guidelines(doc)
Philosophical and Moral Inquiry rubric(doc)

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