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News about our students

Elizabeth Mayo's editorial titled The Attributes of a Professional Nurse was published in the the February 2014 Nursing Matters. Elizabeth is a BSN Completion student at our Eau Claire site. 

What do students have to say about Viterbo's BSN Completion program?

"All of the experiences and professors made such a difference in my life and the outstanding education I have received has prepared me for the future, and will empower me for years to come!! I will never forget the values and fantastic education I received from Viterbo!!"  (Teresa M., Madison)

"Attending Viterbo challenged me to grow intellectually, and has given me the life tools I need to keep on growing. I am more capable, resourceful, and involved than I was before I attended Viterbo. Overall, Viterbo empowered me to feel proud about being a nurse. Attending Viterbo has heightened my commitment to the nursing profession and made me feel proud about what I do." (Melisa H., Madison)

“It is through the exploration and reflection of all the graduate outcomes I am able to understand the importance of being a professional nurse verses being a nurse in the profession.” (Lindsey P., La Crosse)

Why Viterbo? Why liberal arts? Completing a bachelor’s degree through Viterbo has allowed me to experience my life in a richer and more meaningful way. Prior to completing this I could not have fully enunciated the gift it has been to me – it is like the Grand Canyon. We all know that the Grand Canyon is beautiful, but until you go there and see it and feel the wind on your face and the sun beating down upon you, you do not know how beautiful it is. Completing my bachelor’s through Viterbo with the emphasis on liberal arts, faithful service, and ethical leadership has re-awakened me to all that I have to offer this meaningful endeavor that is life. I am grateful to have been allowed this opportunity and recommend it as highly worthwhile! (Bill C., Madison)

"Viterbo University's BSN Completion Program has enabled those of us who have completed it to bring together the sum total of experience, some of it incredibly vast, with a greater understanding of, and exposure to, topics, ideas, and theories that require imagination, thought and interests that can always be taken back to, and incorporated in, our nursing practices." (Susan M., Janesville)

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