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Commonly Used Forms

  • Change of Information (pdf)
    Students should complete this form to enact address, phone number, or hometown newspaper changes.
  • Incomplete Grade Request (pdf)
    To be completed by the student, signed by the instructor. See the Undergraduate Catalog for the incomplete grade policy and the respective Important Dates page for submission deadline.
  • Leave of Absence (pdf)
    Form must be submitted prior to the official withdrawal date or last day of finals of the term of attendance prior to the absence.
  • Permission to Waive/Substitute Degree Requirements Form (pdf)
    Form should be submitted when any changes are made to a student's required coursework. Upon approval and submission to the registrar's office the changes (waiver or substitution) is reflected in the student's degree audit.
  • Withdrawal 
    To be completed by students making a complete withdrawal from Viterbo University after the fall or spring semester has begun. To completely withdraw during the summer session students should use the summer withdrawal form.The withdrawal policy may be found in the undergraduate catalog.

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