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Faculty Development

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Faculty Grant Application Protocol

Application procedures for individual grants of up to $600, $1400, and $2100 (application form for a $100 mini-grant at the bottom of the page)

  1. All proposals should be submitted to the Faculty Development Director following the format outlined below. Download the application form (docx).
  2. Review a sample application (pdf) with the length and type of rigor we are looking for.
  3. Email your application to the Faculty Development Director who will forward your application to committee members for deliberation and voting. Allow one month (except during the summer) for the Faculty Development Director to contact you regarding the status of your application.
  4. Applications for a Faculty Development Grant must include:
    1. application form filled out as a Word document (No hard copies).
    2. complete responses to questions regarding objectives, methods, evaluation, connection to teaching, and professional development.
    3. timetable and budget; follow the business office guidelines regarding hotel and food per diems.
    4. The faculty member will submit a 1–3 page written final report (docx) of the project and expense receipts to the Faculty Development Director. In the report, the faculty member should address how successfully he or she met the outcomes stated in the original proposal.  The faculty member may also describe outcomes that were not anticipated, and thus not indicated in the original application. Applicants not filing reports will be ineligible for subsequent funding from the Faculty Development Grants Fund for two years. See this sample of a well written final report (pdf).

School/Department Awards

  1. Grant applications will be for a maximum of $2100.
  2. The school/department grant will be competitive in nature—one grant will be awarded per fiscal year, pending funding.
  3. The Faculty Development Committee will accept applications from the announcement date that applications are being received until the last Friday in October.
  4. The project must be completed before the end of the fiscal year, June 30.
  5. The Faculty Development Committee will award the grant to the school/department after a review of all the applications.
  6. Applications will be evaluated based upon:
    1. the significance of the project to the school/department, to the larger institution, and to the wider academic community.
    2. clear articulation of measurable, anticipated outcomes of the proposed activity. These anticipated outcomes must be consistent with the mission and/or strategic plan of Viterbo University.
  7. Important information:
    1. A final report of the completed project must be submitted to the Faculty Development Director within one month of the completion of the project. Final report guidelines are on the application.
    2. Any school/department that receives the school/department grant will not be eligible for another school/department grant for two years.
    3. A Faculty Development Committee member who will be a participant in a Department/School grant will recuse himself/herself from considering the applications.
    4. Download the application form (docx) for a school/department grant.

$100 Mini-grants

Faculty are eligible to apply for one $100 mini grant each year, regardless if they have received another individual grant that same year. Use this application form (docx) and follow the instructions on the application to apply for a mini grant.No final report is required.

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