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Student Academic Success

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Student Success Program

To support their success, Viterbo University offers programs and services to students who are admitted to the university without meeting standard academic requirements. One such program is the Student Success Program (SSP). The SSP offers support that has been shown to help students succeed in college. Here are the requirements for students in the SSP program:

  • We require students to meet with their advisor the first week of school and to schedule regular meetings every two or three weeks. The student’s advisor will provide assistance, support and guidance through the academic advising process. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their advisor and to alert him/her to any academic challenges or difficulties.
  • The maximum course load will be limited to 14 credits during the first semester.  This course load is put in place to allow adequate time for class and study. The student’s academic advisor will assist in the selection and scheduling of academic courses.
  • Our Academic Resource Center provides a number of programs to help build learning skills and strategies. A series of workshops will be offered throughout the semester on a number of topics that will assist in a successful transition to the university. SSP students will be required to attend tutoring sessions and workshops designed to aid in their learning in a specific content area as suggested by their advisor.
  • In the first semester, SSP students will be enrolled in and expected to complete a select section of Psychology 100-Effective Behavior designated for students in the Student Success Program. This course will count toward the Scientific Reasoning in the Social Sciences Ways of Thinking requirement for any undergraduate degree at Viterbo.
  • During the second semester, SSP students will be enrolled in and expected to complete a select section of Franciscan Values and Traditions mission seminar. The academic advisor will assist in the selection of this course. This course will count toward one of the mission seminar degree requirements.
  • It is required that students in the Student Success Program enroll in University Studies 110-Career and Life Planning either their first or second semester of enrollment. The academic advisor will assist in making the determination of when this will be appropriate in the schedule.
  • Students in the SSP program with a 2.0 grade point average or higher at the end of the first semester will transition to an academic advisor in their major during spring semester. Students who do not achieve a 2.0 or higher grade point average by the end of their first year may risk academic suspension.