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Information Literacy Test-out Procedure

Transfer students may be able to test out of UNST301 if they have relevant information literacy coursework at another college or university, either:

  • A course specifically in information literacy
  • Other courses that meet the information fluency foundations of UNST301

Placement Portfolio

Placing out of UNST301 requires that students submit a portfolio with a $25 fee. 

The portfolio must include:

  1. A double-spaced cover letter of at least 500 words that explains how two specific course assignments demonstrate that the student has met UNST301 learning outcomes.
    1. Use information ethically, legally, and responsibly:
      1. Understand the concept of academic integrity and practices to avoid plagiarism.
      2. Cite, quote, and paraphrase sources correctly.
    2. Determine the extent of information needed:
      1. Define key concepts within a research statement.
      2. Identify types of information sources.
    3. Access the needed information:
      1. Find information using a variety of search strategies.
      2. Consult multiple sources when gathering information.
      3. Develop awareness of resources available at Viterbo.
    4. Evaluate information and sources critically:
      1. Recognize and explain bias, authority, and reliability of sources.
      2. Identify and question assumptions in compiled research.
    5. Use information to accomplish a specific purpose:
      1. Organize and communicate information from sources to meet the purpose of the assignment.
  2. Two completed assignment discussed in the essay.
  3. Successful completion of the annotated bibliography assignment for UNST 301 at a grade of B or higher. Students may not submit previous assignments to satisfy this requirement, and all submissions will be checked for similarity using Turnitin. (Contact Kim Olson-Kopp at for the current assignment and rubric.)

Students who successfully complete the portfolio are required to meet with a Viterbo University librarian for a campus orientation.

Students must submit a check for $25 (payable to Viterbo University) to:
Gretel Stock-Kupperman
Viterbo University
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI 54601

Students must submit the essay, two sample assignments, and bibliography assignment to Portfolios will be reviewed once the check is received. Results will be returned to the student’s Viterbo email within 10 days of submission.

  If students have any questions regarding the information literacy portfolio, contact Gretel Stock-Kupperman at

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