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Submission Checklist

Simplified Checklist for IRB Application Submission at Viterbo University

The following materials are the minimum documents that need to be submitted to the IRB at Viterbo University to consider your application complete. Applications that are incomplete will not be sent out for review until all items are present.  Note that upon further review, additional materials may be required before your project is approved. No data may be collected until the application has been approved.

  1. Complete the on-line application for IRB Permission.

    a. Include the researcher’s name, contact information, faculty or student ID number, and role. 

    b. Include the research advisor’s name, contact information (if relevant), and role.

    c. Include any other persons who will have access to collected data (e.g. transcribers, etc.) and roles.

    d. Answer all the questions in the online application. If an item does not pertain then indicate such. Do not leave any items blank. REVIEW THE SAMPLES ON THE WEBSITE FOR HOW TO COMPLETELY FILL OUT THE ITEMS ON THE APPLICATION. Note that data for research purposes needs to be stored for three years. Data storage is to be in a secured location that only the researchers have access to. Examples include locked offices, locked file drawers, password protected computers, and encrypted flash drives or other electronic storage. 

2.      Submit the following supporting documents to

         Documents may be merged in to one pdf file or submitted as individual attachments.

         a. Completion of NIH Training Certification for all researchers listed on the                  protocol. Copy your certification into a word document, or scan as a pdf. See website for link to training.  

         b. Copy of survey, questionnaire, or interview questions and/or other data                  collection instruments you plan to use to collect data in the project. If the instrument requires advance permission to use please submit a copy of the permission.

         c. Informed Consent document. Use the Informed Consent templates                        located on the IRB website. IRB logo must be on the consent document. If your project involves consent from those unable to provide consent then additional permissions and assets are needed. See the IRB Handbook for guidelines on when additional consents are needed.

          d. If you plan on recruiting participants by email, social media, flyers,                         advertisementsetc., submit a copy of the language you will use to recruit.

          e. If you are completing your research at or with the cooperation of an                             institution outside of Viterbo University (e.g. school district, clinic, hospital, company, non-profit organization, etc.), submit written permission (email ok) with the granted permission and contact information for that organization. Note: if the outside organization has an IRB, you must clear your study with that IRB as well as Viterbo’s IRB.

          f.  Submit a short proposal (minimum 2-3 pages) with the following                             information in narrative form:         

               *  Research Question(s)

               *  Background and Purpose of the Study 

               *  Modified literature review to educate outside reviewers                                                                           (cite and references at the end)

               *  Proposed data analysis

               *  Methods

                         o   Data collection methods

                         o   Sampling methods for participants

                         o   Process participants will undergo

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