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Social Work

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Social Work Chicago Trip

Chicago GroupThe Social Work Program offers a trip to Chicago to teach students about social work in an urban setting and with very diverse  client populations. We spend time eating, shopping and exploring the ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago including the Indian-Pakistani neighborhood, Chinatown, the Pilsen-Mexican neighborhood, African American neighborhood and downtown Chicago. To get a sense of urban social work we visit many social service programs including spending time at Cook County Juvenile Court sitting in on both child protective and delinquency cases, the Chicago Urban League and other agencies that serve minority populations,and an evening program for youth involved with Juvenile Court. A highlight of the trip is a visit to Hull House founded by Jane Addams who was one of our nation’s first social workers.

Here’s what some of our students have to say about the Chicago Trip:

“This trip really enhanced my cultural thinking. Chicago is so different from my hometown or even La Crosse. The city is so diverse and there are many programs that help different ethnic groups. I was also amazed that every agency has different attitudes and serves their clientele very differently.”

“I learned about the different ways communities, neighborhoods and cultures come together and help each other when they are not able to find the help they need. I think the American culture can learn from them on how to come together through community instead of through crisis like Katrina or 9/11.”

“I saw practical examples of many things I have studied and learned about regarding services, programs, and policies.”

“This trip showed me the city and now I am seriously considering going to graduate school there.”

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