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Nutrition and Dietetics

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Program Goals and Outcomes

Viterbo's dietetic program monitors quality of its educational experiences through a system of continuous improvement.

The dietetic education program uses the following goals and outcomes to assess program quality:

Goal 1: Program will provide professional education to a diverse student body in order to prepare competent entry-level dietitians.


  • Over a five-year period, 80% of Viterbo graduates will pass the RD exam as first time examinees
  • Over a five-year period, 90% of students beginning the junior year will successfully complete the dietetic education program within three years.
  • Within six months of graduation, 80% of graduates will be employed at a professional level.
  • Within one year of graduation,100% of graduates will rate themselves as "prepared" or above in 80% of the entry level competencies which are related to their present jobs.
  • Within one year of graduation, 90% of employers will rate graduates as "acceptable" or "outstanding" in the areas of critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Within one year of graduation, at least 75% of employers will rank graduates as three or above in showing leadership potential.

Goal 2: Program will prepare graduates who will engage in nutrition specific health promotion activities in their first jobs.


  • At one year post graduation, at least 75% of graduates will provide nutrition specific health promotion in their job or as a volunteer.
  • At one year post graduation, at least 75% of graduates will show evidence of leadership in health promotion activities.

Goal 3: Program will prepare entry-level dietitians who are able to work with individuals from diverse economic, ethnic, or educational backgrounds.


  • At least 75% of graduates will rank themselves as competent in cultural interaction.
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