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Criminal Justice

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Western Technical College Articulation Agreement

The Criminal Justice program at Viterbo University offers a course for course articulation for students who have completed the Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement associate degree. The following courses (listed below) from the associate's degree will partially fulfill coursework for students majoring in Criminal Justice at Viterbo University.

Western Technical College CourseViterbo Equivalent
10504112 Constitutional LawCRMJ 406 (approved elective)
10504114 Criminal LawCRMJ 370
10504111 Intro to Criminal Justice FieldCRMJ 150
10504117 Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ 280
10504116 Juvenile LawCRMJ 351
10504122 Community PolicingCRMJ 1XX
10504141 Comp Tech in Law EnforcementElective 1XX
10504127 Traffic TheoryElective 1XX
10504136 Criminal Investigation TheoryElective 1XX
10531180 Emergency Medical ResponseElective 1XX
10504134 Force Considrations/POSCElective 1XX 
10504132 Professional CommunicationElective 1XX
10504157 Corrections IICRMJ 1XX
10504142 Forensic ApplicationsElective 1XX
10504128 Report Writing - Criminal JusticeElective 1XX
General Studies (AAS Only) 
10809195 EconomicsECON 101
10804106 Intro to College MathMATH 001 
10809196 Intro to SociologySOCL 125
10801195 Written CommunicationsENGL 103
10809199 Psychology of Human RelationsPSYC 100
10801198 SpeechTHTR 150
10809198 Intro to Psychology PSYC 171
Suggested Electives 
10809172 Race, Ethn. Div.SOC 320
10804189 Stats MATH 130 
10809122 Intro to American Govt. POSC 121 
10809166 Intro to Ethics PHIL 100
10504137 Criminalistics SOCL 350
10504145 Interviewing Theories PSYC 270

All courses transfer as lower division credit. This information is subject
to change.

For more information:
Eric Schmidt, Associate Director for Transfer Admission

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