By:  Kara Gardner

    Grade Level:  3rd  or 4th grade

    Anticipatory Set:  Yesterday we talked about the five senses: taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and
        touch.  Today we are going to learn about five of the human body systems: respiratory, digestive,
        skeletal, circulatory, and the nervous system.

        1.  The students will be able to identify the major body systems.
        2.  The students will be able to identify the major function of each body system.
        3.  The students will know the majority of organs that belong in each system.
        4.  The students will use the Internet to gain knowledge on the body systems.

        1.  Ask the children what they know about the different body systems.
        2.  Read The Magic School Bus Explores the Human Body by Joanna Cole.
        3.  Provide a life-sized skeleton in the classroom, and go over each body system that will be
             learned, as well as the major function of each body system.
        4.  Set out Eyewitness Science:  The Human Body by Steve Parker for the children to look at
             and explore.
        5.  Have a doctor come into the classroom and discuss the body systems with the children.  Ask
             the doctor to bring in x-rays of the different parts of body systems (lungs, heart, ect.).

        1.  Go to the following sites to learn about the different body systems, as well as fun facts.
                * Once you arrive at this site, review the different body systems by selecting "pick a body
                    system" located in the upper right hand corner.

         Here are links to specific systems to read:
         Respiratory System:
             Digestive System:
        Circulatory System:
         Nervous System:
      2.  Identify approximately where the body systems are located on yourself.
        3.  Get the life-sized skeleton and point out the body systems and their major function.  Then
             label each system clearly.

    Checking for Understanding:
        1.  Ask the students to recite the major body system.
        2.  Ask the students the major function of each body system.
        3.  Have the children come up with different characteristics of the body systems, and then make a
             game out of it, such as Bingo.

    Guided Practice:
        1.  Have the children point out the body systems on a life-sized skeleton.
        2.  Have the children list the body systems with a description of the major function.
        3.  Once you have read the various web sites, print and complete the word search.
        4.  Provide characteristics of the different body systems, and have the children guess which
             system is being described.  For example, the heart belongs here, and this system helps keep
             the blood flowing throughout your body, what system is this?  You may also name different
             organs that are in each system.  This activity can be used as a "quiz."

    Independent Practice:
    * Print this page now!
        1.     As a body organ, you are an employee of the Human Body Corporation. Due to recent
            cost increases, the Human Body is having to fire workers.  You need to write a letter to the
            Human Body Corporation defending your position in the company.  In your letter, you
            need to describe to the corporation the following characteristics of your organ and explain
            why you are important to the Human Body Corporation.  *Indicate the name of your
          organ and where it is located.  Identify what systems of the body you work with.
          Describe how you work with these systems.  List the other organs that work with
          you in your system.  Describe your main functions as a Human Body Organ.  Tell
          the corporation why you are important and why they should not fire you.  Also,
          explain what might happen in the corporation fired you.  Be sure to include a labeled
            drawing of your organ to use as a visual aid to go with your letter.

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