Bits of Braille
A Braille study lesson plan for fourth through sixth grades.
ObjectivesAfter sharing the books Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson and Helen Keller: Crusader for the Blind and Deaf by Stewart Graff, the class will study the Braille Alphabet to determine their name designations and various other word conversions.  Internet web sites will be utilized, along with word choice and spelling.
Directions:  Working with a partner PRINT one Braille Workpage to fill in your answers.

                    * Now jump to Braille Wizard.

                    * Choose words for the following list.  Type the word into Braille Wizard
                                                     and translate.
                    * Very carefully copy the Braille spelling onto your workpage.

Other Great Sites to Visit

Starter Course on Helen KellerA short biography on Helen.

RNIB Factsheet: Life of Helen Keller A selection of information about Helen's life.

Helen Keller Photograph Collection :  A terrific collection of photos with links to other sites.

Women's History Encyclopedia A short synopsis of Helen's life.

American Sign Language :  Super site with a dictionary, translator and quiz!

American Sign Language Browser :  Mini movies show the actions for various words!

American Sign Language Dictionary Online :  General information and both finger spelling and
                                                                                               braille guides.


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