Student Support Services Form - STAR

STAR 2018

Dear Student and Family,

Viterbo has an academic program called Student Support Services (SSS)/TRIO. Funded by federal dollars, SSS provides support in the challenges of college.  ARC staff serve as academic advisors; the goal is to graduate students.  A student academic coaching program pairs new students with continuing SSS students.  This student to student pairing helps the new student learn from the seasoned student how to navigate classes and the challenges of university life.  Students who qualify for SSS are invited to move in one day early in August to begin the process of academic success and building friendships.

The program is limited to 70 incoming freshmen who are first generation (meaning neither parent has a four-year college degree) and have a family income less than $35,500.

On the form below, enter the family's taxable income for 2017 found on Line 43 of the 1040 tax form (NOT adjusted gross which is reported on the FAFSA) AND the number of exemptions (line 6d). All information is confidential. A family of four earning a taxable income that exceeds $35,500 may designate N/A. Everyone should complete this form.

Completing this form does not guarantee that you will be part of the Student Support Services program. Students selected for the program will be notified through your Viterbo email when you are chosen for the SSS program. You will also be contacted via your Viterbo email by your peer (academic) coach and invited to move in a day early to start the adjustment to college life and become acquainted with the campus and other new students.
Questions? Please call me at 608-796-3194 or email


Jane Eddy, Director
Academic Resource Center and Student Support Services

If the student is on the parent tax return, provide information about parent income. If financial aid is based solely on student's earnings, provide student's taxable income.

Proposed Plan of Student Involvement in Student Support Services (SSS) Program 2017-2018

The following information indicates my proposed plan of involvement in Student Support Services: