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Meet the Coaches!

Meet the SSS Coaches for 2018-19


 Year in school: Junior
 Major: Biopsychology

 Hometown: Burlington, WI
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: The campus is like its own little community, and everyone, from the students to the professors and the staff, is so friendly and welcoming.
 Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Platinum Edition! Platinum is a show choir, which means we sing and dance to music from Broadway to pop to rock!
 Favorite resource at Viterbo: The tutors and writing specialists in the ARC! I have gotten so much help from them!
 Favorite thing
 about La Crosse: The bluffs! It's so amazing standing on top of them and being able to see the whole city and the river.


 Year in school: Sophomore
 Major: Dietetics

 Minor: Spanish
 Hometown: Lombard, IL

 Favorite thing about Viterbo: My friends
Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Student Dietetics Association
Favorite resource at Viterbo: Tutoring
Favorite thing
 about La Crosse: The bluffs


 Year in school: Junior
 Major: Nutrition and Dietetics
 Hometown: Winona, MN
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: I love the hospitality and kindness that the people at Viterbo show!
 Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)
 Favorite resource at Viterbo: ARC (Academic Resource Center)
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: The Pearl Ice Cream Shop!!



 Year in school: Sophomore
 Major: Nursing
 Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: The sense of community
 Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Viterbo Student Nurses Association
 Favorite resource at Viterbo: ARC - tutoring and SSS
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: There are always activities to do in La Crosse!


 Year in school: Junior
 Major: Nursing
 Minor: Women's Studies
 Hometown: La Valle, WI
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: I love the small community feeling and the relationships that you are able to build with professors and staff.
Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Viterbo Student Nurses Association
Favorite resource at Viterbo: Writing assistance in the ARC
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: Riverside Park and ice cream from the Pearl!



 Year in school: Junior
 Major: Liberal Studies
 Hometown: Bloomfield, CT
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: The small class sizes and the diversity on campus
 Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Diversityclub/track and field
 Favorite resource at Viterbo: The ARC and the POD
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: Downtown


 Year in school: Sophomore
 Major: Chemistry
 Hometown: Arcadia, WI
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: Smaller class sizes, more one on one time with professors
 Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: SSS activities
 Favorite resource at Viterbo: Easy tutoring services
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: Downtown shopping and walks


 Year in school: Sophomore
Major: BFA in Arts Administration and BFA in Theatre with an emphasis in Stage Management
Hometown: Lake Mills, WI
Favorite thing about Viterbo: Small class sizes and helpful professors allow students to reach their full potential.
Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Fine Arts Center shows
Favorite resource at Viterbo: The advisors are really helpful.
Favorite thing about La Crosse: It's a big city, but it can feel small.


 Year in school: Junior
 Major: Elementary Education
 Minor: Special Education
 Hometown: Reedsburg, WI
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: My favorite thing about Viterbo is the atmosphere on campus. Everyone says hi to each other and you're truly valued as a person.
Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: My favorite club is Education Club. We coordinate some really fun events throughout the school year! My favorite activity at Viterbo is giving tours to prospective students! It's so much fun to connect with the students and their families and really help them envision themselves here.
Favorite resource at Viterbo: My favorite resource at Viterbo is my academic advisor. I go to her with any questions I have and always get an answer. My advisor is always willing to meet to talk about anything related to school, but to also sit down and catch-up.
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: The Pearl and Riverside Park


 Year in school: Junior
 Major: Social Work
 Hometown: La Farge, WI
 Favorite thing about Viterbo: I love how welcoming the campus, students, as well as faculty are!
 Favorite club/activity at Viterbo: Social Work Club
 Favorite resource at Viterbo: Writing tutors
 Favorite thing about La Crosse: I came from a very small town with not many activities to do. I like that La Crosse has many fun activities to do locally.