Adjunct Profile: Tara Lyons

Tara LyonsAdjunct Profile: Tara Lyons

Name: Tara Lyons
Department: Theatre/Musical Theatre

What courses do you teach?


How long have you been teaching at Viterbo University?

This is my first academic year!

What is something you do in the classroom that has proven effective?

My work is a bit atypical compared to the traditional classroom setting. I have the privilege of working with students on a one-on-one basis; therefore, the relational aspect of my work is incredibly important. And unlike instrumental music; in vocal music, the student IS the instrument. So, when we are stressed, or sick, tired or feeling on top of the world; all is reflected in our voice. In my studio, we begin every lesson with a "how are you doing, how are you feeling" moment; where students share the ups and downs, the goods the bads, and from there we can proceed with evaluating the voice, singing, and ultimately better understanding how the voice will react to the day's circumstances! Valuing the individual is necessary in the work I do - but needed for all of us as educators!

What is something you do outside of the classroom (e.g. scholarly work, research, publication)?

My musical interest is rooted in vocal health/pedagogy; for singers and non-singers alike. I maintain a private studio of young singers in the Coulee Region. I am also a liturgical musician; honored to be mentored by greats such as Rev. Michael Joncas and David Haas - two very prolific composers and musicians in the Catholic Christian community. 

What is something you do for fun (e.g. hobbies, interests beyond teaching)?

I am a professional knitter! I knit for a yarn company out in New England (Berroco), and I am an indie-knitting designer.