Adjunct Profile: Keith Lesmeister

Keith LesmeisterAdjunct Profile: Keith Lesmeister

Name: Keith Lesmeister
Department: English

What courses do you teach?

ENGL 104: Composition and Literature, ENGL 215: Advanced Composition

How long have you been teaching at Viterbo University?

Just starting this semester (Spring 2017)

What is something you do in the classroom that has proven effective?

On the first day of class, I have the students introduce each other by reading a Haiku about one of their classmates, preferably someone they don't know very well. I give them ten minutes to interview each other and another five minutes to write their Haiku. The exercise is called "Almost Haikus" which means they don't have to be strict about syllable count. It's an interactive, often times humorous, icebreaker. And it also encourages students to participate fully on the first day. 

What is something you do outside of the classroom (e.g. scholarly work, research, publication)?

I'm a fiction writer. 

What is something you do for fun (e.g. hobbies, interests beyond teaching)?

Hiking, biking, fishing, reading. Sometimes basketball. 

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