Adjunct Profile: Heidi Stalsberg

Heidi StalsbergAdjunct Profile: Heidi Stalsberg MSN, RN

Name: Heidi Stalsberg MSN, RN
Department: Nursing

What courses do you teach?

Adult Health Nursing Clinical

How long have you been teaching at Viterbo University?

One semester

What is something you do in the classroom that has proven effective?

* Bringing a double stethoscope to clinical to listen to bowel sounds and lung sounds with them.  Showing interest in their experience.   
* Going with them to introduce them to the nurse they will be with for the shift.  Giving them an outline of the information I expect them to gather to prep for their clinical experience.  
* Letting them know how invested I am at having their clinical experience be the best they can be.  
* Brought in a crock pot of cowboy beans for them to eat at the first clinical.

What is something you do outside of the classroom (e.g. scholarly work, research, publication)?

My full time job as the Clinical Educator for Tomah Memorial Hospital takes up most of my time when I am not teaching. 

What is something you do for fun (e.g. hobbies, interests beyond teaching)?

I love to sew, quilting is my specialty.  My husband and I love to go for rides on our motorcycle.  I love to go boating on the Mississippi River or Castle Rock Lake.  Reading a good book with a cup of coffee is the most fun I have.