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Handbook - Study Abroad

For complete information, see Global Education.

Viterbo University encourages students to participate in study abroad in order to:

  • experience and understand world views other than our own.
  • better understand the cultural heritage and world view from which they come.
  • develop skills and aptitudes for working with cultural difference.

Opportunities Available to Students

  • Semester – a semester abroad is probably the most desirable option because it gives adequate time to really experience the culture.
  • Summer – for some majors (nursing, nutrition, music, and education to some extent) it is almost impossible to take a semester away from Viterbo and still complete within the 4–5 year timeline which their degree specifies.
  • Viterbo Courses – these are courses taught and led by Viterbo faculty. Some are offered in the summer as summer school classes and others are taught during the semester and include an eight-day to two-week experience abroad.

Student Hesitations

Student hesitations are usually financial in nature. In addition, they are concerned with completing their program in a timely manner.

  • Financial consideration – Can I afford it? A big question but assure students that it is possible to find programs that are less expensive than it costs to attend Viterbo. In addition, much of a student's financial aid can be used to pay for the experience.
  • Degree completion – Often students (and faculty) see the study abroad as an extra—not germane to what they are doing to complete general education requirements. In many cases they can use the credit toward a major or minor. If planned carefully and early it does not need to delay a student's graduation date.

Requirements and Timing

Requirements for participation are in the university catalog. In most cases, students should have at least a 2.5 GPA. An application for participation must be made by early February for the following academic year's programs.

Role of the Office of Global Education

  • Counseling with students on the appropriate program and course selection for maximum usage in degree completion.
  • Assisting students with the financial aid application and study abroad grant application process.
  • Preparing students for spending time in another culture.
  • Preparation of course transfer documentation for the Registrar's Office.

Advisor's Role

  • Encourage students to consider study abroad - do so early in their career, e.g., freshman year.
  • Refer students to the Global Education office for an appointment.
  • Encourage students to think/dream beyond their hesitations.