Academic Advising

academic advising

Handbook - The Low-Achieving Advisee

A Self-Inquiry Routine for Advisors

  • Is underachievement a problem with this advisee? Is he or she underachieving in all areas?
  • What capabilities can I infer from the advising folder?
  • Has this advisee any physically or academically limiting impediments?
  • Is remedial help available that is free from stigma?
  • Do I really know this advisee's interests? Can I utilize this information for more effective advising?
  • Does this advisee have academic successes? Can I account for the advisee's success in some areas, and lack of success in others?
  • Have I begun to sow seeds of dissatisfaction with complacency?
  • Do I talk with an advisee or to him or her?
  • Would my assistance in planning a time schedule with the advisee be welcome?
  • How many hours is this advisee employed?
  • Is this advisee attending class regularly?
  • Does this advisee know how to take notes or implement other learning/studying techniques?
  • Am I a potent reinforcer?  Do my advisees perceive me as a resource?
  • Does this advisee's out-of-class life style support his or her educational efforts?
  • Does this advisee have solid peer contacts?  Is his or her tour at college a solo performance?
  • Are there other campus resources who might be of help here?