Academic Advising

academic advising

Handbook - Interpersonal Advisor Behaviors

  • Teach skills necessary to improve academic standing while at Viterbo (academic survival skills) or refer the student to the Learning Center.
  • Make clear the available student personnel resources, at the Student Development Center (counseling, health, AODA).
  • Be available to students for personal discussions.
  • Help the student to gain an understanding of their own abilities, interests, and goals.
  • Offer a relationship to students that would contribute to a personalized educational experience during orientation.
  • Provide help and encouragement to students to explore the best they can be (to maximize their potentials).
  • Provide an integrated picture of Viterbo with respect to courses, procedures, requirements, and university goals.
  • Encourage students to evaluate themselves in relation to the university and its opportunities.
  • Disclose information about yourself as a person who is going through the process of becoming educated.
  • Show empathy and understanding of the college transition process.
  • Demonstrate personal warmth, respect, and a genuineness related to problems presented by the students.