Academic Advising

academic advising

Handbook - Credit/No Credit

See the Academic Regulations and Policies in the University Undergraduate Catalog for complete policy. However, the following points need to be emphasized in advising the students:
  • CR/NC courses are not included in GPA calculations. This is an advantage to the student who wishes to take a course in which he or she does not expect to excel (get an A or B) but in which the student has great interest.
  • A student should not be advised to take a course CR/NC if the student has a weakness or low interest in the subject matter of that course.
  • A student does not get credit for a grade of CD of D if the course is taken on a CR/NC basis.
  • Sometimes taking a course CR/NC may affect a student's motivation and work ethics in that course. A student may attempt to do the minimum to receive credit but fall short of the standard established by the instructor, thereby not achieving a grade of C or higher in the course.