Academic Advising

academic advising

Handbook – The Advising Process

  1. Exploration of Life Goals
    • Knowledge of student characteristics and development
    • Understanding of the decision making process
    • Basic skills in listening and responding
    • Appreciation of individual differences
    • Belief in worth and dignity of all
    • Belief that all have potential
  2. Exploration of Career Goals (all under #1 plus the following)
    • Knowledge of career fields
    • Skill in interpretation of tests
    • Understanding of changing nature of work in society
    • Acceptance of all fields as worthy and dignified
  3. Program Choice
    • Knowledge of programs available at Viterbo
    • Knowledge of requirements of programs (special entrance requirements, fees, time commitments)
    • Knowledge of Viterbo requirements for transfer programs
    • Knowledge of how others have performed in the program
    • Knowledge of follow-up success of those who have completed the program
  4. Course Choice
    • Knowledge of courses available
    • Knowledge of any special information regarding courses (prerequisites, offered only at certain times, transferability; does the course meet graduation requirements, what is the appropriate sequence for Viterbo)
    • Rules and regulations of the university regarding probation, limit on course load (academic work limitations)
    • Knowledge of remedial courses
    • Knowledge of student's ability through test scores, high school record
  5. Scheduling Courses
    • Knowledge of schedule
    • Knowledge of the systems of scheduling and changing the schedule
    • Awareness of employment and commuting requirements

Adapted from Terry O'Banion Advising Model