Travel Policy and Resources

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Viterbo employees who are traveling on university-related business and persons coordinating student travel are expected to read the Viterbo University Travel Policy (pdf) in full and adhere to the stipulations outlined in it.

General guidelines of the travel policy include:

  • Viterbo employees must inform the immediate supervisor of travel for university business or university-related travel no less than 24 hours prior to departure.
  • All international travel must be pre-approved in writing by the supervising dean and/or vice president.
  • All student travel must be pre-approved in writing by the supervising dean and/or vice president in advance of travel for classes, conferences, athletic competitions, student organization activities. (These directors also pre-approve travel for specific student groups: Director of Athletics for student athlete travel, Director of Campus Activities and Orientation for student organization travel, and Director of Recreational Sports for intramural and sports club travel.)
  • An employee or student is in university travel status when traveling on university-related business whether or not expenses will be reimbursed by the university.
  • Supervising deans, vice presidents, and/or the president reserve the right to cancel, modify, or substitute any student or employee travel.
  • Any exception(s) to this policy must be approved in writing by the supervising dean, vice president, and/or president.
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