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Earl Madary

Earl Madary

May 2, 1965 - Dec. 16, 2007

A Musical Tribute
Celebrating the life of Earl Madary: a musician, poet, and man of faith


Excerpt from funeral Mass homily - by Fr. Thomas O'Neill

A Life Rememembered: Earl Madary, 'He was our soul' - 

Earl 's personal perspective on teaching and the exchange of ideas

Earl's Teacher of the Year Address

Earl's Professional Information 

The Catholic Times By Deacon Richard Sage

Tributes to Earl Madary 

Photos of Earl - powerpoint with a song from Earl
(This link will take you to a powerpoint presentation. On the top menu click on slide show or F5 to start the presentation, sit back and enjoy Earl's music as you watch the show. At the end of the slide show, click on escape or enter, to return to the beginning of the presentation. Click on the red X in the upper right hand corner to return to the webpage)

If you are interested in purchasing one of Earl's CDs, Prodigals or Gilead, please call the
Alumni Office at 608-796-3072.


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