About Viterbo

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Posting Policies

  • All posted materials and table tents must show the signature or stamp of the authorizing Viterbo agent. (See chart below.)
  • Flyers, posters, messages, etc., must be no larger than 8.5” x 11”, be in good taste with correct spelling, and include date/time/location of event and name of sponsoring individual or organization.
  • Commercial and/or for-profit organizations are not permitted to post notices on campus.
  • Items are not to be taped to walls, doors, or windows. The use of tape, paste, tacks, on woodwork, walls or ceilings is not permitted.  Items may not be pinned to or hung from ceiling tiles.
  • Any damages to walls, windows, doors, and the like that result from unauthorized posting or distribution will be charged to the group or individual who posted the information.
  • On-campus advertisements that indicate alcohol as the primary focus of an event are not permitted.  Advertising tobacco products is not permitted. 
  • Political and campaign items are not to be posted on university bulletin boards. Candidates may provide the Office of Residence Life with printed materials to be distributed to resident students using mailboxes.
  • Viterbo University reserves the right to remove, restrict, limit, or deny posting or distribution of any item.

Authorizing Agent

Desired Posting Location


Campus Activities, Hawk’s Nest, 608-796-3807

Cafeteria (The Caf)

Provide 4X6 Cards To Be Placed In Napkin Holders On Tables

Campus Activities, Hawk’s Nest, 608-796-3807

Hawk’s Nest

Provide 2 Flyers And/Or 4 Table Tents

Campus Activities, Hawk’s Nest, 608-796-3807

Student Union

Submit 6 Table Tents.

Circulation Desk, Library, 608-796-3272

Einstein’s Bagels
And/Or Library

Call With Questions

Communications, 007 Reinhart, 608-796-3042

13 Bulletin Boards In Academic Bldgs. Student Affairs Ctr., Student Union

Provide 13
8.5 X 11 Inch Flyers

Residence Life, 608-796-3116

On-Campus Housing Facilities

Provide 21 Flyers