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Missing Student Notification Policy

This policy is established in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires that post-secondary institutions with on-campus student housing establish a missing student notification policy and procedures. 

Campus Safety and other university officials will actively investigate any report of a missing resident student who is enrolled at Viterbo and is living in Viterbo housing facilities (i.e., Bonaventure Hall, Clare Apartments, Canticle Apartments, Marian Hall, McDonald Terrace, Rose Terrace, or Treacy).

  1. If a member of the campus community has reason to believe that a student is missing, he/she should immediately report this to Campus Safety at 608-796-3911.
  2. Upon receiving the report, Campus Safety and/or other appropriate personnel will make reasonable efforts to investigate the report and locate the student to determine his or her health, well-being and safety.  Efforts may include but are not limited to any one or more of these actions: (a) attempting contact by phone, email, etc., (b) checking resident student’s room, (c) checking ID card access points, (d) contacting roommates, friends, family, etc. to determine possible location and/or companion(s), (e) reviewing class schedule, (f) contacting instructors, coach, etc., (g) obtaining description of student and apparel, (h) obtaining vehicle description and license plate number, and (i) searching facilities and/or parking lots. The university reserves the right to contact family members or emergency contacts as a part of the investigation and to help determine the whereabouts of the resident.
  3. All students residing in Viterbo housing facilities are required to provide the Office of Residence Life with the names and phone numbers of a primary and a secondary contact to be notified in the event of an emergency if the student is reported missing.  If the resident is under the age of eighteen (18) or is not yet emancipated, the University is required to have the primary emergency contact be a custodial parent or guardian.
  4. The University will follow this notification procedure for a missing student who resides in on-campus housing
    1. Any reports of missing students are to be referred immediately to Campus Safety.
    2. After Campus Safety and other appropriate university personnel investigate the report, if it is determined that the resident student* has been missing over 24 hours:
      1. Campus Safety will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency. (Investigation will continue in collaboration with law enforcement officers as deemed appropriate.)
      2. The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will contact the primary or secondary emergency contact.  The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will contact a custodial parent or legal guardian if the student has not reached 18 years of age or is not emancipated.
  5. Resident students will be informed of this Missing Student Notification Policy via its publication in the Viterbo University Student Handbook and a shortened version shown in the Viterbo University Emergency Response Plan.

*Procedures may vary if the student does not reside in on-campus housing.