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Course Attendance Policy

Viterbo University challenges students to be learners who assume responsibility for being a part of a community of scholars. Student presence and participation in the classroom is an important component of this challenge. Furthermore, as part of its mission, Viterbo University offers an education that prepares students for professional employment. Each student is encouraged to develop a professional work ethic that reflects responsibility, initiative, and teamwork.

In light of the above, students are expected to attend all classes. Students who are absent from class miss opportunities to contribute to the learning environment of the classroom and are developing patterns that will not be tolerated in the professional workplace. Absences from class may result in a loss of college financial aid. Federal regulation requires that students make satisfactory progress toward a degree in order to retain federal financial aid.


  • Viterbo University expects students to attend all classes.
  • Students who do not attend the first two 55-minute class periods or the equivalent of a course and who do not inform the instructor prior to the class meetings may be asked by the instructor to drop the course using the official drop form thereby avoiding a grade of “F.” Faculty will notify the director of student success of these absences no later than Friday of the first week of classes.
  • Each faculty member will establish a reasonable attendance policy, which will be stated in the course syllabus and shared at the first class meeting. Certain courses may have more stringent attendance policies.
  • Faculty will keep a weekly record of attendance for each student to comply with federal financial aid guidelines.
  • Faculty will continually inform the Director of Student Success using the academic concern form to report students who have excessive absences.
  • A student should not be considered absent from a class when she/he is attending a required extracurricular activity such as a field trip, or when a student is officially representing Viterbo University at a scheduled activity, such as a fine arts production, a conference, or an intercollegiate athletic event. Students participating in such events are responsible for the class work missed.
  • Students not able to attend classes due to military obligations should refer to the Military Deployment policy.
  • When an absence is unavoidable, a student should contact his/her instructor or the director of student success. Documentation may be required. Absences do not remove the responsibility for the student to complete the work missed. Instructors are not required to make special arrangements for students who have missed a class.
  • When the number of absences exceeds 15 percent of the scheduled classes, the faculty may issue a failing grade for the student.
  • Excessive absenteeism will be reported to the financial aid office by the director of student success and may result in a loss of eligibility for financial aid.
  • Excessive absenteeism may also result in the administrative withdrawal of the student from the course and/or Viterbo University.

For more information, see Academic and Registration Policies.