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Bill Medland was the longest serving president in the history of Viterbo, holding the post from 1991–2006. His list of accomplishments is both long and distinguished.

During his tenure, Viterbo underwent 13 years of record enrollment growth, major campus construction projects including the Amie L. Mathy Center for Recreation and Education, the D.B. and Marge Reinhart Center for Ethics, Science, and Technology, and the Outdoor Athletics Complex, and an increase in endowment from $2.7 million to $21 million.

“Hopefully people will see me as a person of integrity who tried to do his best under a variety of changing circumstances,” Medland said in an interview for the February 2006 issue of Viterbo’s Strides magazine. “That is far more important than any building, endowment, program, or materialistic achievement. It’s not about money, titles, or anything like that…it’s ‘Have I lived a meaningful life?’ If you can say yes to that question then I believe you have achieved all that really matters.”

Rest assured, Bill, that you have accomplished your goal.

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