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What is my Viterbo University Name and Password?

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What is my Viterbo University Name and Password?

You are provided with a unique username and password that provides you with access to our online and on-campus technology services.
Your Viterbo Username
Employee Accounts follow the rule of “first initial”, “middle initial”, “last name”
Example: Jason E. Smith –

Student accounts follow the rule of "first inital" "middle intial" "first 4 letters of your last name" followed by a randomly generated number. To look up your username using the links below.

On-Campus students:

Off-Campus students:

Your Viterbo Password
Your default Viterbo password will consist of the last four digits of your Social Security Number, followed by the two-digit month and two-digit day of your Date of Birth.
Example: SSN: 123456789 Birthday: 09/20/1983 Password then would be: 67890920
You will use this username and password to access a variety of University systems and services, including email, Moodle, VitNet, and computer labs, printing, etc.

How do I change my Viterbo password?

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How do I change my Viterbo password?

Passwords must be 8-characters and contain at least one number and one special character. Changing this password changes for all accounts (PC Logins, Email, Moodle, Printing services, and VitNet).
Faculty/Staff: New accounts cannot change passwords, until after you begin work (so we can set up your PC).
If On-Campus: Log in to your office computer (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and once logged in press a Ctrl-Alt-Del again. Click the “Change Password” Button.

If Off-Campus: Log in via Outlook Web ( using Internet Explorer only, click on the “Options” button. On the page that follows, click on the “Change Password” button. Once you have done this, you should see a page similar to the one shown below.

Change password - OWA screen

After you have filled in the boxes asking for your old and new passwords, you must press the “Save” button, located near the top of the page, to save your new password.

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