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How do I stay safe online?(1)

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How do I stay safe online?

We recommend the following for keeping information in your Viterbo Account and other Online information safe.

1) Log out of a public computer.

2) Have a password on all Mobile Devices.

3) Create Secure Passwords and Change them regularly.

4) Keep your computer protected by running operating system, Quicktime, Java, and Adobe update regularly.

5) Have a virus & spyware scanner that is running and automatically updates.

How do I access my Viterbo University Moodle Account?(1)

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How do I access my Viterbo University Moodle Account?

1. Go to or directly to
2. Click on the Moodle log

Moodle access - Moodle Login

3. Enter your login information in the login block (same as email and VitNet).

4. Once Moodle opens, you will see a list of your classes.

5. Click on the name of your class.

Moodle access - course list

Can I get software or hardware at a discount through Viterbo University?

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Viterbo IIT will not order software or hardware for employee or student personal computers.  However the software and hardware vendors that we typically do business withtt.

We have no controll over the prices offered here and recommend that you price check offerings.

Dell: or 1-800-695-8133 Member ID: 26614630


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