Viterbo Helpdesk Technology FAQ

Office 365 Video Series

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Please note these videos are from an external source.

Lync intro 

O365 Chapter 1: Welcome 

O365 Chapter 2: Email and More

O365 Chapter 3: Collaborate with Team Sites

O365 Chapter 4: MS office & Office Web 

O365 Chapter 5: Communicate now with Lync 

Backup your Email to a PST file using Outlook 2010

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If you'd like a video tutorial of this process please see the video below.

1) Within Outlook 2010, Click File

2) Click Options, Click Advanced, Click the Export Button next to " Export Outlook information to a file for us in other programs"

3) From the Import and Export Wizard listing Choose to "Export to a File" and click Next.

4) From the Export to a File Window Choose the file type "Outlook Data File (pst)", Click Next.

5) Choose the top most folder for export.  It should include your email address in the title. Verify that "include  all subfolders" is Checked, Click Next.

6) Choose the lcoation and name that you would liek the file to be called.  I typically save it to My Documents and give the file name the current date followed by email backup.pst (ie: 2013-11-26emailbackup.pst)

7) Choose to replace duplicates with items exported and click Finish.

8) Wait for the backup to complete.

How to add Videos to your Ensemble Library

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Ensemble/Wowza Streaming server allows you upload (*.wmv, *.mov, *.mp4, *wav, *.mp3) files for streaming through Moodle or other websites.  These videos/audio files are streamable to multiple types of devices such as 
tablets, phones, and computers.  

Re-connecting Outlook after moving to Office 365

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After a mailbox is moved to Office 365 your Outlook client should be restarted. 

Upon restart it should prompt you for yoru username and password.  Enter your email address, email password, and check the "Remember my Credentials" checkbox.  

O365 Outlook Login Prompt

Now your Outlook is connect to your cloud Office 365 email/calendar/contacts/tasks.

You will need to re-create your email signature.

Configuring your mobile device/client to access Viterbo's Office 365 email

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Create an Exchange account and enter the following information when prompted.



Domain: (leave blank)


Password: (enter your University password)

set SSL connection to "ON"

Site Name