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Moodle News for the Week of August 18-22

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Well, it’s that time again. Can you believe summer is almost over? Didn’t spring just end?

In this episode:

  • Where did my class(es) go?
  • Need a META course?
  • Importing materials from past semesters
  • Making courses available to students

Upcoming Training

All training sessions are in the Learning Commons (2nd floor of the library MC248)  

Thursday, 21 August

New to Moodle? Attend the Moodle Bootcamp: 5:30-8pm

Please register via

Thursday, 28 August

Open Session: 9:30-12am

(No RSVP needed)

Friday, 29 August Open Session: 9:30-12am (No RSVP needed)


Moodle tips of the week:

  1. How do I find my classes? (they aren’t there!)
  2. META courses.If you need a META course for fall, please email that request tocourserequest@viterbo.eduASAP. We need the following information:
    • Course prefix, numbers and sections
    • If there is more than one instructor, knowing those names is very helpful.

If you have complex METAs, then the sooner the better. What is a META?

  1. How do I import my courses from last semester (or fall)?
    NOTE: TURNITIN USERS: Don’t import Turnitin assigments – you will have to recreate them
  2. How do I make my courses visible to students?

Need Help?

Remember you can get awesome tutorials online 24/7 at

You can also get help by emailing this works better than emailing Chad or I directly or leaving voicemail for us.

Have a great start to the semester!

Moodle Monday 16, June 2014

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Hello Moodlers,

You might be a Moodler if you tell people to "Keep Moodling" and that they have been “Moodlised".


In this episode:

  • Did you see last week’s email?
  • Where is my course at?
  • Course Evals
  • Update for old host

Moodle tips of the week:

1.     We have now been live on the new server to find some hiccups. I sent an email last week with more details, but the big one is in the gradebook. There is no “Turn editing on button” in the grader report. You can still enter grades via the assignment (if it was submitted to Moodle) or by importing the grades.  

2.    We are getting emails from students who can’t find their class. If you are in the new server, and have missing students, you can email them to make sure they are going to the right place. You can send them a link directly to the class or send them to: 

3.    Course Evals! Yes, it is that time already. The evals for the classes that ended within the first 7 weeks of the  summer are now open. If your class is on that list, you will get an email from me soon. The “May term” classes were evaluated separately, and those results will go out to faculty next week

4.    Last, but not least, the old server will be upgraded to  version 2.6 on 09 July. There will be some down time, and you will notice a few changes in the way some features work. If you would like a sneak preview, you can go to the new server and check it out.


Need Help?

Remember you can get awesome tutorials online 24/7 at

You can also get help by emailing this works better than emailing Chad or I directly or leaving voicemail for us.


Keep Moodling ;)


Vicke Denniston

Instructional Support and Design Specialist

Viterbo University

Moodle Monday 9 June, 2014

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Hello Moodlers,

The first classes in the new server go live today!

In this episode:

  • The new server is up and available
  • Where did that go?
  • What does this do?
  • Gradebook survey

Moodle tips of the week:

  1. Our server migration to the new host is underway. The first classes are starting today. Any classes that start today or later, will be held on the new server. Classes on the old server will stay there until completed. Make sure you are using rather than
  2. The first thing you will notice when you log into the new Moodle is that it has a different appearance. We chose a new theme that has a cleaner, more open feel. Everything still works the same way, but it will just look a little different. Annie Baumann of the library has created a short tutorial highlighting some of the changes.
  3. The second thing you will notice are a few new features. We have upgraded the new Moodle to the newest version. The old Moodle will be upgraded the first week of July. I’ll have more for you on the new features in upcoming episodes.
  4. Last, but not least, Moodle HQ (the people who created Moodle) has a survey on the gradebook. If there are things you like or dislike about the gradebook, here is your chance to tell the people who make new feature and fix things. You can give them your wish list. BTW: the issue of overridden categories is there, you can go vote for that. Here is the link

Need Help?

Remember you can get awesome tutorials online 24/7 at

You can also get help by emailing this works better than emailing Chad or I directly or leaving voicemail for us.

Grading using iAnnotate from Wired Campus

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The Chronicle blog Wired Campus did a great piece this morning on grading using iAnnotate.  iAnnotate is one of several great document editing and feedback tools.  I'd suggest you take a look at the article, and consider using one of the following apps if you are interested:

Happy grading!

Quick Tip - iPad Screenshots

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At yesterday's cohort meeting, we discussed ways that remote whiteboards like AirSketch could be used to demonstrate concepts while the instructor roams the room.  One of the most useful tools on the iPad to use in conjunction with a remote whiteboard is the screenshot function.  

At any time and in any app, you can take a screenshot or a picture of your iPad's screen by pressing the power and home button at the same time.  This takes an image of your screen and saves it to your photo roll.  If you find an image on the web, a graphic in an app, or some text you'd like to capture and annotate, this is an easy way to get it quickly.

Here is a short video I made on how to do this: