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Payroll Periods

Viterbo University employees are paid twice monthly, on the 6th and 21st of each month. When payday falls on a weekend or holiday, the checks will be issued on the closest working day. The normal pay period begins on the 1st and 16th of each month. New employees must have a completed W-4 and I-9 form on file in the Business Office before a payroll check can be processed. Student employment is coordinated with the Financial Aid Office.

Hourly personnel and student employees must complete a timecard before being paid. Timecards must be signed by both employee and supervisor and brought to the Business Office by 9:30 a.m. on the day indicated below. Unsigned timecards will be returned to the department. Late timecards will be processed on the following pay period.



Student employees may pick up their paychecks in the Business Office.

2014-2015 Payroll Periods (pdf)

Pay period start datePay period end dateTimecards duePayday
June 16, 2014June 30June 27July 7
July 1July 15July 14July 21
July 16July 31July 30Aug. 6
Aug. 1Aug. 15Aug. 14Aug. 21
Aug. 16Aug. 31Aug. 28Sept. 5
Sept. 1Sept. 15Sept. 15Sept. 22
Sept. 16Sept. 30Sept. 29Oct. 6
Oct. 1Oct. 15Oct. 14Oct. 21
Oct. 16Oct. 31Oct. 30Nov. 6
Nov. 1Nov. 15Nov. 14Nov. 21
Nov. 16Nov. 30Nov. 25Dec. 5
Dec. 1Dec. 15Dec. 15Dec. 22
Dec. 16Dec. 31Dec. 22Jan. 6
Jan. 1, 2015Jan. 15Jan. 14Jan. 21
Jan. 16Jan. 31Jan. 30Feb. 6
Feb. 1Feb. 15Feb. 13Feb. 20
Feb. 16Feb. 28Feb. 27March 6
March 1March 15March 13March 20
March 16March 31March 30April 6
April 1April 15April 14April 21
April 16April 30April 29May 6
May 1May 15May 14May 21
May 16May 31May 29June 5
June 1June 15June 15June 22
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