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How do I change my major or minor?
A student who wants to change a major or add, change, or delete a minor will need to complete a Request to Add/Change/Drop a Major or Change Catalogs form (pdf) or a Request to Add/Drop a Minor form (pdf). For instructions on how to complete these forms, see Changing a major or minor.

Where can I find the latest Core Curriculum information?
In the University Undergraduate Catalog.

How can I find out who my advisor is?
Contact the Academic Advising Coordinator, Lisa Konkel, at 608-796-3467, or Murphy Center 333.

Student Advising Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to many frequently asked questions can be found here (pdf).

Still have questions?
Contact Lisa Konkel, Academic Advising Coordinator, at 608-796-3467 or or visit Murphy Center 333.

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