Sexual Misconduct

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Seeking Criminal Charges

If a sexual misconduct complaint is filed with Viterbo University authorities, the involvement of local police department does not necessarily follow.  Viterbo University may encourage the person making the complaint to involve the local police in order to preserve the safety of the community and support the complainant's wishes to seek criminal charges.  The involvement of the local police does not mean that Viterbo University's investigations will cease, but they may move at a pace different than that of the criminal investigation.

**Please note that Viterbo University is required to involve the local police department if the case of sexual misconduct is especially violent, in that the life of an individual is threatened or has been lost.**

Viterbo University's Neighborhood Police Sub-Station

Reporting to the Police

To report to the police, call 911 or 608-785-5962.

Be Aware:
  • The sooner you call, the more likely the police will be able to collect important evidence
  • Prompt calls can also strengthen a case for prosecution. Yet, it's never too late.
  • Sometimes, advocates can accompany you when you make a police report.
Reasons to Make a Police Report:
  • Regain personal sense of command.
  • Document crime committed against you.
  • Preserve evidence of the assault.
  • Protect others from sexual assault; most rapists are repeat offenders
  • Help the police identify a pattern or an assailant who has attacked others
  • It is okay to call back later with further details. Many people recall more details days and weeks after the assault.
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