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2014–2015 Graduate Catalog

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Other Graduate Offerings

Ethical Leadership in Organizations

Graduate Certificate in Ethical Leadership


Students interested in pursuing the certificate in Leading Ethical Organizations or interested in enrolling in ETH 531 or 532, must apply to the certificate program. The application form must be accompanied by a resume.


To enroll in coursework in the certificate in Leading Ethical Organizations, a student must possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.


Viterbo University recognizes that the range and intensity of one’s training and accomplishment (professional experience, training, etc.) may be comparable to those individuals holding a bachelor’s degree and may waive the requirement of a bachelor’s degree for enrollment into the certificate courses. The director of the program will make this determination based on the applicant’s resume. The resume is provided at the time of application to the certificate program.


Students granted a waiver of the bachelor’s degree requirement will enroll in coursework on a credit/no credit basis, and must register as such each semester per the credit/no credit policy. The use of these credits (courses) in a Viterbo University master’s program will be up to each specific master’s program.

Students who have already taken two of the elective courses listed may earn the certificate by completing ETHL 531 and 532.


Students who complete the certificate prior to entering a Viterbo University master’s degree program or who earn the certificate concurrent with a master’s degree program may use the ETHL towards master degree requirements under the following parameters:

  • Students in the Master of Arts in Education (general track) program may use both ETHL courses as elective credit toward the M.A.Ed. degree.
  • Students in the Master of Arts in Servant Leadership program may use both ETHL courses as elective credit toward the M.A.S.L. degree.
  • Students in the Master of Business Administration program may use one ETHL course as elective credit toward the M.B.A. degree.
  • Students in the Master of Science in Nursing program where elective credit is available, may use both ETHL courses as elective credit towards the M.S.N. degree.  

  • a minimum of 10 credits, including ETHL 531, 532; and two courses selected from EDUC 608, EDUL 635, MGMT 512, 524, 530, NURS 710, 730, SVLD 601, 603, 604, 650, 653, 657
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