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Spring 2015 Special Topics Course Descriptions

ACCT-546-001/002 Analysis of Financial Performance through Managerial Accounting-3 credits
This course will enable students to integrate managerial accounting information, along with financial statements analysis, to provide organizations with the information needed to plan, control, and effectively evaluate operational and financial performance.

ARTS-286/486-001 Innovative Letterpress Workshop - 3 credits
An introduction to the letterpress processes with emphases on composing and printing with lead type and digitally produced polymer plates. Prerequisites: ARTS-111, 112, 121, 122.

BIOL-486-001 Special Topics in Immunology - 3 credits
Basic principles and theories of immune mechanisms. Antibody production, antibody-antigen reactions, hypersensitivity, cellular immunity, tumor immunology. Pre-req: BIOL-250. Junior/Senior standing. Permission of instructor required.

CHEM-286-001 Careers in the Sciences - 1 credit
This course is designed to introduce students to diverse career options in the sciences. Students will participate in at least one job shadowing experience and learn techniques that will help them decide upon a career path. Invited guests will provide insight into the day-to-day work of various science occupations and share information about how students can best prepare for success in their chosen career endeavors.

ENGL-286-001 Journalism - variable 1-3 credits
News gathering, researching, writing, and revising for publication, in Lumen, the biweekly university newspaper. Pre-requisite: 104, 105, or 195.

MGMT-486-001 Networking and Personal Branding- 2 credits
This Marketing YOU course focuses on YOU. It is an experiential seminar format that uses directed discussion and cooperative learning to define your personal brand and develop clarity in your career objectives.  This course is designed to complement other business coursework, preparing you to be successful in a professional setting.  It is a skills based course that includes topics such as understanding how to put together a professional resume, identifying your strengths, networking skills, learning to be a good mentee, communication skills, dressing for success, personal health, and managing your career.  The student will develop their personal marketing plan which will include the development of a personal brand, resume, and networking strategy.

PHIL-286/486-001 Chinese Philosophy and Religion - 3 credits  **travel course**
This course provides an exploration of the mammoth history of the "Middle Kingdom" from Confucius to Communism, integrating its philosophical religious traditions within the broad and colorful history of East Asia. The course includes a trip to China over Spring Break, March, 2015.

SVLD-486-001 Franciscan Servant Leadership - 3 credits  **travel course**
SVLD-546-001 Franciscan Servant Leadership - 3 credits  **travel course**
This class will examine the lives of Francis and Clare of Assisi through study, research and a trip to Assisi and Rome.  Francis and Clare are servants and leaders whose lives of holiness and service continue to influence and inspire people who serve and lead in our time. 

SVLD-546-002 Grant Writing - 3 credits
This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to gain funds through grant proposals - a critical function for many public or nonprofit organizations.  Students will learn how to research funding sources and how to plan and write a proposal.  The course emphasizes grant writing as both a tool for serving the common good and a practice guided by the tenets of servant leadership.

THTR-286/486-001 Advanced Makeup Studio - 2 credits
This is a practical, hands on course exploring various methods and techniques of three dimensional and prosthetic makeup applications.  Prereq: THTR-180

THTR-486-002 Business of Theatre - 3 credits
This course expands upon the fact that students are preparing for a career in Show "Business." It prepares students to enter the industry with an understanding of how to make one's self a "Business Person." Discussions and assignments will include branding one's self and exploring their type as it relates to the industry, creating a working resume within the norms of the industry, writing biographies for playbills, researching headshot photographers, understanding "Who's Who" in the business, reading and understanding language in contracts and rulebooks, exploring audition websites, tips on touring, and developing an understanding of taxes and deductions as it relates to an Actor.

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